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Gaining intercultural Competence in a global World

Ein Gastbeitrag von Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani

Gaining intercultural competence is a multi-faceted endeavor. To begin with, we need to be aware of our own cultural lens and also to study the cultural lens of our target culture. We should analyze and investigate the religion, history, social structure, economic situation, and the media of the target culture. This enables us to be aware of the cultural lens of the target culture. In the next step, we need to analyze the target culture by applying three models of cultural dimensions. By comparing the scores of our own culture to the target culture, we will be able to adapt to and prepare for the reactions of people from the target culture. This enables us to lead successful negotiations in a global context and enable us to have a good understanding of our international counterpart.

Dr. Khorasani and Strametz & Associates have written a whitepaper to analyse intercultural competences and to depict the fundamental theories necessary for Intercultural Leadership.

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